Top Concerns of Study Abroad Students

Top Concerns of Study Abroad Students

Study abroad programs provide students at many levels of educational progress and ages the opportunity to obtain life-enhancing experiences through cultural, political, and hands-on training engagements. Although these experiences are generally enjoyable and fulfilling, students and their families who are not completely prepared for what they might experience can have a less than rewarding engagement. Through this webinar, we will explore often overlooked challenges that might impair the educational experience and provide measures to mitigate and prevent these experiences from deterioration, such as: 

  • Medical preparedness; vaccines to prescription regulation
  • Mental Health Issues; homesickness to depression
  • Acculturation; feeling like they are not “fitting in”
  • Security Concerns; age-related behaviors to alcohol usage

Participants will gain an elevated awareness of what is needed to avoid expensive repatriation and discouragement by listening to panel experts discuss these key concerns.

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