New President of El Salvador Advocates Ambitious Agenda

Nayib Bukele will become the next Salvadoran head-of-state after winning the presidential election Feb. 3. Bukele has promised to fight corruption, tackle crime, and implement an ambitious infrastructure platform. Bukele will become the first president in three decades who has not belonged to either of the country’s two main political parties. The election hints at the continuing appeal of populism in Latin America.

Data Privacy Promotes Protection Among Businesses

In 1890, Samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis published "The Right to Privacy" in Harvard Law Review, which describes that right primarily as a "right to be let alone". More recently, privacy was defined in 1997 by the United Kingdom's Calcutt Committee as "The right of the individual to be protected against intrusion into his personal life or affairs, or those of his family, by direct physical means or by publication of information." 

Air Travel May be Less Safe if Government Shutdown Continues

The US government has been partially shutdown since midnight on Dec. 22. Every year, the United States Congress appropriates funds for federal agencies to operate in each fiscal year. In the absence of either a signed appropriations bill or a continuing resolution by Congress and the president, funding for government operations is ceased. During a shutdown furlough, essential employees are expected to continue working.

US State Department China Travel Advisory

The US State Department updated its travel advisory for China, Jan. 3. Media outlets quickly picked up on the development, reporting that the newest advisory warns of potential “exit bans” on US nationals in China. While many international travelers and businesses are understandably concerned over the language used in the newest advisory, it is important to note that the updated advisory contains little, if any, substantive changes from the previous version.

Increasing Risk of Infectious Disease Due to Globalization

Public health information cannot always be trusted, because there is often inaccurate reporting, and geopolitics that surround infectious disease. In a disease-ridden world, trustworthy health alerts, travel advisories, and recommendations - such as those produced by WorldAware - can make a significant difference to individual travelers and to a company’s bottom line.