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February, 2017

Flu Season: Northern Hemisphere Update | OHS Online
Published On 02/01/2017

Catie Comer, health intelligence analyst for iJET International  writes - Flu season has begun in the Northern Hemisphere, which typically peaks between December and March. Some regions are reporting an increase in cases earlier than anticipated, while influenza activity in other regions remains consistent with past flu season trends. Cases will likely continue to increase in coming weeks across the Northern Hemisphere. 

January, 2017

How to Plan a Safe Trip for Gay and Transgender Travelers | New York Times Online
Published On 01/30/2017

“Today, it is important for a L.G.B.T. person to understand the laws and how they are enforced and the culture of the countries and even cities where they visit,” said Bruce McIndoe, chief executive of iJet International, a travel risk management company. In an environment of religious extremism, he said, “Individuals are more likely to lash out or take unilateral action against assumed members of the L.G.B.T. community.” iJET, he said, has seen increased requests from clients to help prepare and protect their gay and transgender travelers after the mass shooting at an Orlando, Fla., nightclub last June and other episodes. 

ITIC Berlin: Security of Medical Transport Crews | Air Med and Rescue Online
Published On 01/17/2017

John Rose, COO, iJET International.  Opening the session, Rose posed the question: "How do we keep our flight crews safe?" He said that he has seen medical crews refuse to go into certain areas because the safety is inadequate, and that there are many things to consider when evaluating scenarios. For example, he said, bringing in security raises the cost of the evacuation, adding that once the threat has been identified, the risk can be assessed and mitigated, and this should be a process that is laid out simply. 

Congo's New Year's Eve Agreement Could Prove Precarious | Dow Jones News
Published On 01/15/2017

Bernard Londoni, regional manager, Africa, global intelligence for iJET International article focused on the the partial agreement Democratic Republic of Congo President Kabila’s allies and opposers reached at the end of December, and the high political tension in the country as a result.   Subscription required

Q&A with Risk Management Firm iJET International | MD Biz News, City Biz List
Published On 01/09/2017

iJET International was ahead of the game when it started providing risk management solutions to the global travel industry. When the company formed in 1999, it was the beginning of a transformation that would drastically alter security departments and safe traveling across the globe.  Fast forward to the present, the company has tapped into a much-needed market and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. iJET recently expanded to a larger office in Annapolis and is quickly approaching its 20 year anniversary. 

25-Year FBI Veteran Brings Cybersecurity Chops to iJET | Channel Partners Online
Published On 01/05/2017

An FBI veteran with a track record of taking down cybercriminals has taken a new job in the private sector.  iJET's Janice Fedarcyk, who served for 25 years in the FBI and was one of the highest-ranked women in the organization during her tenure, will work for iJET International as vice president of global programs.  iJET provides risk-management solutions that help businesses avoid and mitigate threats. Fedarcyk will oversee service delivery in a number of iJET offices that span four continents. 

iJET International Hired Retired FBI Assistant Director in Charge | SecurityInfoWatch
Published On 01/05/2017

Janice K. Fedarcyk, a recognized authority on global security, has been added to iJET's executive management team as vice president global programs. iJET clients will benefit from Ms. Fedarcyk's extensive counterterrorism and counterintelligence experience, as well as her expertise in facilities risk management, national security and cybersecurity from both the public and private sectors.