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March, 2017

Travel Industry Reacts With Caution and Frustration to New Airline Electronics Ban | Skift
Published On 03/22/2017

“Some of the information from the government has been rather vague,” said Max Leitschuh, an international airline safety analyst at the firm. “Definitely a big concern for businesses is sending laptops with their company’s data on it in checked luggage because that is more vulnerable to being stolen than a device in a carryon.” 

Electronics Travel Ban Irks Families, Enrages Business Travelers | NBC News, MSN, CNBC
Published On 03/22/2017

“The primary concern for most business travelers regarding the theft of electronic devices isn’t the value of the device itself, it’s the value/sensitivity of the data stored on the device,” said Max Leitschuh, iJET International airline safety analyst. 

U.S. & U.K. Issue Bans on On-Board Electronic Devices for Flights from Middle East & North Africa | Business Travel News
Published On 03/21/2017

For corporations dealing with travel through those airports, iJet International airline safety analyst Max Leitschuh suggested travel buyers check with airlines to determine what sort of insurance policies they have on lost luggage. Those who do not wish to check their electronics could consider rerouting through a country that does not have the ban. 

"Trust Your Instincts" And Other Safety Tips for Solo Travelers | Travel Agent Magazine, Travel Agent Central Online
Published On 03/08/2017

We spoke with Joan Morgan, director of analytic personnel at risk management company iJET International, to share some ideas culled from her time working at iJET and her 33 years at the CIA. “One of the most important things you can do is research,” Morgan says. “A traveler will want to research how to dress, how to comport themselves — the best advice is to meld in with the local population.” 

From Zika to Terrorism, How to Protect Yourself While Traveling Abroad | MSN
Published On 03/06/2017
When you're preoccupied with packing, navigating airport security and collecting local currency for an upcoming trip to a far-flung locale, it's easy to overlook standard health and safety measures. But with a variety of travel risks out there – from theft and cybercrime to Zika and terrorism – it's vital to stay informed and exercise vigilance to steer clear of harm's way. Use these expert-approved tricks while jet-setting abroad to avoid stressful and dangerous situations. 
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February, 2017

Corporate Travel Holds Its Breath Waiting For Trump's Next Travel Ban | Skift
Published On 02/21/2017

“Pretty much immediately following the initial signing, we had gotten barraged by a number of client inquiries,” said iJet International intelligence analyst Sean Wolinsky. The firm conducted a seminar online last week. 

Guest Blog: Personal Protection Tips for Today's Global Citizens | Business Travel Show Blog
Published On 02/13/2017

Ed Clark, iJET International senior security consultant, global operations writes - Personal protection tips are a necessity for business travellers. Over the last 50 years we have seen significant changes in the travel security industry. From the Post Vietnam War era of kidnapping and ransom scenarios throughout South America to terror attacks against western cultures in Europe and the US, the number and types of threats faced by travellers continues to increase. Unfortunately, what we have yet to see is same level of advancement in mitigation strategies and personal protective measures. 

Algeria's Weakening Economy May Lead to Increased Unrest | Dow Jones News
Published On 02/10/2017

Sumedha Senanayake, regional manager, MENA, global intelligence for iJET International focused on the current state of unrest in Algeria, which sprouted from strikes in the country’s eastern Bejaia Province early last month, and spread to neighboring provinces of Bouira and Bourmerdes.  Subscription required

Security Programs Prepare Travelers for Terrorism | Wall Street Journal
Published On 02/08/2017

Travel safety tips, normally focused on advising about crimes such as theft, have now centered on how to protect oneself during more violent episodes like a terrorist attack or hostage situation. WSJ's Scott McCartney explains on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero, and mentions iJET International.

6 Ways to Prevent the Flu From Wiping Out Everyone in Your Workplace | ATTN
Published On 02/03/2017

ATTN: gathered tips for avoiding the flu and infecting your coworkers from iJET Risk Management and from physician Neha Nanda, a clinical associate professor of medicine at Keck School of Medicine.  "We employ these same tips throughout our health system, where curbing influenza is critical for the safety of both our patients and employees," Nanda said. "These are excellent and effective ways to preventing the spread of influenza, as well as other infectious diseases."