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January, 2018

Allianz Acquiring Renewal Portfolio of Liberty Mutual Business | Business Insurasnce
Published On 01/31/2018

In a statement, Allianz Group announced it is acquiring the renewal portfolio of Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.'s product recall and special contingency business and noted it is also offering global crisis management assistance services through a partnership with red24, an iJET company.

How to Make Sure You Travel with Medication Legally | New York Times
Published On 01/19/2018

Some common prescription and over-the-counter medications are illegal in certain countries. Before you travel, it's important to know the laws and regulations governing the medications you take with you. iJET's Senior Director of Category Intelligence, Katherine Harmon, spoke with the New York Times and shared tips on how to travel safely and legally with medication.

Docker Enterprise Edition Prospects Mull Vendor Strategy | Search IT Operations
Published On 01/17/2018

As questions and uncertainy about Docker Inc.'s business growth and strategy linger, iJET CTO Nuno Pereira was asked about the decision IT pros are facing whether or not to invest in Docker's container orchestration tools.

A Trip Through Cuba | The Wall Street Journal
Published On 01/13/2018

The Wall Street Journal addresses the US-Cuba tourism policy and asks iJET senior intelligence manager, Michael Baney, about the risk of sudden policy change to travel plans. (subscription required)

Container Infrastructure a Silver Lining Amid Intel CPU Flaw Fixes | Search IT Operations
Published On 01/12/2018

iJET CTO Nuno Pereira comments on how IT pros can fortify their systems against the recently discovered Intel CPU flaws.

December, 2017

Allianz Partners Adds Security and Assistance Benefits to 'Standard' Health Plans | International Investment
Published On 12/13/2017

Allianz Worldwide Care, now Allianz Partners, has added new security and assistance benefits to a number of its insurance plans. Through its partnership with red24, now a part of iJET, its clients have access to iJET's global network of security specialists and support services.

What Happens After Something Happens | HospitalityNet
Published On 12/11/2017

With three hurricanes hitting in a 35-day period, even the best tailored plans were not foolproof. iJET's George Taylor, and other experts, discuss emergency preparedness, planning for the worst-case scenario, rehearsing plans and fully training employees for taking action when disaster strikes.

New York Subway Attack Shows Limits of Counterterror Strategy | Reuters
Published On 12/11/2017

iJET's senior transportation intelligence analyst, Max Leitschuh, and other experts comment on the December 11th blast below the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the challenges of securing public places and New York's transit system from "lone wolf" attacks.

AmEx Names Business Travel Danger Spots | MICEBTN
Published On 12/06/2017

iJET and American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) partnered on a Business Travel Alert Map that highlight the highest-risk cities visited by Australian business travelers. iJET analyzed all air travel reservations made through GBT by Australian travelers from March 2016 to February 2017. In this article, the five highest risk cities from iJET's analysis are profiled.

Whatever You Do, Don't Go Outside | The Daily Telegraph
Published On 12/04/2017

As destinations once perceived as safe are becoming increasingly risky, it is imperative for companies to have access to around-the-clock intelligence and technology to locate and communicate with employees. John Rose, iJET's COO, addresses the changing security landscape and the need for organizations to have up-to-date intelligence on security concerns for places their employees are visiting or working.