Violent Protests Result in Water Crisis in India

Travelers be advised, the India water crisis may be short-lived but the Jat protests will likely persist

Traveling in Islamic Countries: Social Faux Pas’ Can Make or Break a Business Relationship

Muslim countries vary widely in languages, customs, practices, and attitudes towards women and the LGBT community. However, there are cultural norms common to most, if not all, Islamic countries that should be observed to make the most of your business relationships.

Zika Virus Latest Update: Impact on Business Travel

As Zika virus concerns continue to grow ensure you have the latest updates on impacts to your business travelers.

iJET Launches Pan-African Leadership Study (PALS) Project

The African National Congress' (ANC) nearly 22-year hold on power is under threat from allegations of corruption, and from increasingly strong opposition parties on both ends of the political spectrum. iJET’s Africa team has been investigating the fascinating third-term phenomenon within the wider context of a Pan-African Leadership Study.