Ed is a Senior Security Consultant, specializing in crisis management planning, training, and exercises, cybersecurity and security risk management.  Ed designs, develops and executes drills and exercises for WorldAware clients worldwide. One of his many strengths is his ability to understand a client’s risk profile and identify those critical tasks that help them better prepare for, prevent or if necessary, respond to protect their critical assets, regardless of the location. Ed enjoys 24 years as a US Army Special Forces Officer where he had to plan and execute emergency response and evacuation operations. This experience assisted him as an exercise planning chief at a DoD combat training center where he planned and executed 5 fully operational exercises per year with over 500 participants, role players, and evaluators. He also has practical experience in emergency management by serving in leadership roles during the BP Deep Water Horizon and other oil spills across the country.   After 9/11, LTC Clark was selected to serve as the Director of the US Army’s Homeland Security Threats Office, where he designed and operated one of the first cybersecurity programs designed to protect critical infrastructure. Ed’s final military assignment as an Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer for FEMA Region VII provided him with the experience to conduct strategic level crisis management planning and response.  For the last fifteen years, Ed has provided security consulting services from Algeria to South Africa, throughout Eastern Europe and South America. He has provided security risk management services from assets as small as an individual schoolhouse and as large as the Houston Ship Channel.  Ed is also sought internationally to speak on cyber and physical security risk management subjects and has authored a book on conducting Security Vulnerability Assessments.   His most recent efforts for WorldAware clients show the development and implementation of crisis management plans from South America to the Middle East. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Information Services, has attended ICS Classes 100-400 and is a graduate of the US Army Senior Leader’s Course in WMD Response.